Freshly-made Paella & Tapas favorites from our Spanish Feast and Fiesta Menu.

The streets of Spanish towns like Almeria in the evenings of the Summer Fiestas are lined with people sat or stood, chatting and laughing, even singing and dancing, having drinks and digging into one Tapas after another. Andalusian Tapas is highly regarded in Spain with many rich and earthy dishes heavily influenced by the spices brought in during the Medieval Moorish occupation.

Idelica survives and thrives on the efforts by real people for real people striving to be happy and making sure others are too. To bring out the best in Spanish cookery we are passionate about every single dish we make and serve, whether it’s a tiny bite of tortilla or a metre-wide pan of paella. To enjoy our Spanish catering at its best you just need to trust us to indulge you and your guests Almeria-style.

Our Menu

  • Mixed Seafood Paella (gluten-free but contains fish. molluscs, crustaceans, celery)
  • Chicken & Chorizo Paella (gluten-free and no other declarable allergens)
  • Bocadillo with Fresh Tomato & Olive Oil and a choice of filling £5 – Serrano Ham, Sobrasada, Iberico Cheese (vegetarian) or Piquillo Peppers (vegan) (all varieties contain gluten, cheese contains milk)
  • Spanish Omelette (vegetarian – contains egg)
  • Pot of Olives, Pickles or Frutos Secos (vegan)
  • Pot of fresh Fruit/Salad (vegan)
  • Canned drinks