The iconic Guinness Bar has been a staple at Southampton International Boat Show for many years, no boat show is complete without the traditional pint of Guinness with great company. 

The proper Guinness pouring process begins with a cool, dry glass. You want to hold the glass at a 45-degree angle beneath the tap’s spout. Pull the handle forward and let the stout flow, filling it up until you reach .75 inches below the top of the glass. Let it settle for precisely 119.5 seconds. Bring the glass to a 45-degree angle again, but push the handle backward this time until the head is “just proud of the glass.” Don’t let it overflow, and “never use a spatula to level the head.” That’s just blasphemy!”

The Guinness Bar is located at the heart of Mayflower Park, next to Ocean Hall. Enjoy the show with a cold drink in hand and get tempted by the many street food trucks in the bar area, offering their mouth-watering treats.  

As well as serving Guinness, the bar also serves a range of wines, beers, spirits and soft drinks to cater for all tastes.