Revive’s patented formulas have proven to be effective at removing the surface layers of carbon deposits and layers of soot that build up within diesel engines over time. Revive breaks these deposits down to tiny particles, no larger than the naturally generated soot particles the engine generates. This is achieved by applying a predetermined volume of Revive at velocity into the engine via the air intake with the engine running at a predetermined speed. This process makes Revive safe to use on all marine diesel engines and those fitted with catalysts.

Although there have been significant advances in diesel engine technology, turbo diesel engines still produce carbon and soot deposits. These deposits can lead to erratic engine performance, turbo boost issues and a loss of fuel economy.

The Revive treatment is applied by spraying in to the turbo inlet with the engine running. Click here for the ratio of Revive to engine speed, simply input the engine size and maximum revs to find the correct ratios for your engine.
As the treatment flows through the engine, the active ingredients attach themselves to the carbon deposits stripping away the surface layers. Creating tiny carbonised particles no larger than those that naturally occur within diesel engines, enabling Revive to be safely used with all types of exhaust systems.

Eco Friendly

Revive treatments are water based and fully biodegradable. Being non-toxic or solvent based, they are safe to use and store as they are non-flammable.
Using Revive will help restore the engines performance by cleaning the turbo and other internal components, this also helps the engine to perform more efficiently aiding fuel economy and reduces exhaust emissions.

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