Searific are proud to be the Exclusive UK Distributor for the Seakart!

Our Story
The beginning and the future ….

Whilst on holiday in 2018 in Mauritius, my wife, Claire, and I drove the Seakart as a tourist experience and we both immediately fell in love with it! I have always had a keen interest in watersports and boats and decided there and then that I just had to have one! I seized the opportunity to contact Seakarts owner and started conversations about bringing this amazing craft to the UK!

That’s how Searific Marine Distribution Ltd was born and here we are! We are proud to be the Exclusive UK Distributor and look forward to sharing our passion for the Seakart with friends, family and clients here in the UK!

What do I love most about it? This is a question I have been asked a lot and one I am very happy to answer! Of course, there is a lot to love! But two things stick out for me …. Firstly, I absolutely love the start button! The excitement you get from pressing the green start button is like in a sports car. When you start her up and hear the noise of the engine, you cannot help but smile and feel excited to drive! Secondly would have to be the power and handling (ok, so that’s the 3rd too). The power you have at your fingertips is exhilarating to say the least, and she really does handle like a Kart on water, Seakart-ing on water!

My long-term goal for SMD Ltd is to become a well-recognised independent Distributor for The Seakart 335 and Marine Chandlery on the Sussex Coast and to provide customers with uncompromising service and support for all their Seakart needs.

Have fun!

Simon Duke
Owner and Founder of SMD Ltd

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01903 530039 / 07748 338088
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Simon Duke

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