Seascooter UK Ltd is the official distributor of Yamaha licenced Seascooters for the UK, Ireland and Benelux countries.

Seascooter UK Ltd developed from the original Seascooter brand, designed by Sir Clive Sinclair over 15 years ago. The Seascooter is registered-trademark product with over thirty design patents.

Since the establishment of Seascooter UK Ltd, the original product has developed into a fully-fledged range of Seascooters to cater for a variety of users; from families who want a fun product to use in the sea on holiday, to experienced scuba divers looking to expand their range of equipment. We currently have over 3,000 Seascooters in operational use in 400 swimming pools and holiday centres in the UK.

We take pride in delivering customer satisfaction, meaning customer service is the core of our company. Here at Seascooter UK Ltd we have a dedicated team on hand for any support and maintenance advice our customers require. We can also provide training sessions to our holiday centre customers to ensure all health and safety protocols are being met.

As the only exclusive distributor of products and spare parts for the UK, Ireland and Benelux countries, we can assure you we have the perfect Seascooter to meet your needs.

Featured Products

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