The new Dufour 32 is fun sporty little boat to sail but she can equally be set up for gentle cruising. Whatever your preference you will certainly reconnect with your sensations of having fun on the water.
In recent years many yachts in this category have become heavy and unresponsive as more and more weight was added with extra furniture and equipment.

Gone are the twin wheels and a heavy bathing platform.

Gone also are the twin rudders and heavy wheel systems. A single rudder with tiller steering offers much more connectivity and a better sailing sensation.

Even the interior has been re thought and balances everything you need on a yacht of this size without compromising her comfort.

Whilst maintaining all the distinctive design and style of Dufour Yachts there are some exciting new innovations and features that bring a fresh look to how we like to enjoy our time on the water.

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Dufour Yachts
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