Britain’s Great
Boating Festival14-23 September 2018

Arba 555

Exhibitor: Arba Nautika
Price: Price starts from £22,999
Boat type: Powerboats - Motor Yachts
Length: 5m 55cm

Exhibiting On Stand / Berth Nos


Arba 555 is a spacious open deck boat without a cabin. It is designed to meet a variety of needs and uses for offshore sailing ,fishing boat and passenger cruises. With all cushions and benches included the 555 makes for an extremely versatile craft.

Hull length is 5.55 m and width 2.12 m with the platforms and foredeck that extends to 6.10 m. The bow has anchored bulkheads and two wide benches containing three large storages. By lowering the central table bow it turns into a spacious sundeck length 1,80 or 2,10 m depending on customer needs.

It is possible to close of the bow with an awning which will serve as a shelter from the sun or protection at night. At the stern there is a bench with two large storage rooms that can be adapted to customer's needs.

The platform on the stern of the Arba 500 and Arba 555 are threefold: which extends to the waterline, it facilitates the entrance and exit from the sea. Arba 555 can receive an engine up to 50 hp, which can sail over 30 knots.

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