Island RIBs 7.5m

Designed not only to look good but to cope with extensive use in difficult conditions for many years, the Island 7.5m offers the perfect balance between performance and practicality. The wide range of available options mean that this versatile platform can be adapted for many uses from commercial chase boat to family leisure RIB.  

The deep-V hull ensures responsive and predictable handling and a smooth ride. Fitted with moulded splashwell and full-height polycarbonate windscreen as standard, the Island 7.5m will keep you dry even in difficult conditions.  

Island 7.5m RIBs are used by the British Antarctic Survey, Falklands Conservation, Williams Shipping and marine breakdown recovery service Sea Start.

The Island 7.5m can be coded to MCA Cat 3 (r), the maximum category possible for an open boat, and has been independently verified as conforming to the requirements of RCD category B.

To find out more, please contact Island RIBs.

tel: 01983 242 727
email: [email protected]

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