The Barracuda R2 is the ideal tender for two people or touring packraft!

The Barracuda R2 is a serious performance packraft for two people which follows the key packraft USP given its high durability, light weight and packability. It has an extended waterline with a shape which helps quicker paddling and improved tracking. Unlike most other packrafts on the market, it includes a skeg for much improved tracking, efficiency and speed. It achieves all this despite being only c.20% heavier than the MRS Adventure X2. It is the fastest packraft around which makes it ideal for longer distance paddling, suitable for calm coastal adventures, lakes and rivers – the ideal tourer!

This packraft model was the fastest packraft out of all types in the Nordic Islands Adventure Race (NIAR), paddled by the Swedish Hamilton Adventure Team.

Take it with you on your couples holiday, with a friend or your dog. Take it fishing, enjoy the scenery – just explore! Then when you are done for the day, simply deflate, roll up and put into your bag.

The MRS Barracuda R2 comes with an optional removable spray deck to keep off the spray or to paddle like open-top canoe. The speed you can paddle this packraft is somewhat of a revelation in packrafts, which with their generally upturned bows and lack of a skeg are not known for their speed and ease of tracking. No such problems for the MRS Barracuda R2 which both tracks well and is fast!

This packraft can also be fitted with the impressive Internal Storage System (ISS) option, which allows access into the tubes via an air tight waterproof zip on the rear of the boat. This enables you to store your gear inside the tubes, saving space while paddling. The zips used are TiZIPs top of the range zipper, the Masterseal 10 which is pressure resistant up to 500mbar, ensuring a totally waterproof and airtight seal. Whilst the gear stored cannot be accessed while paddling, it allows the ability to carry substantial gear such as sleeping bags, spare clothes, coats, shoes etc within the tubes, thereby ensuring comfort whilst touring with your MRS Barracuda R2.

Characteristics in overview

Performance hull design designed for faster paddling
Combi-seats for kneeling or sitting
Strong tube (TPU 210D) and floor (TPU 840D) material, using double TPU with sewn and welded seams.
Preinstalled soft mount for a removable fin/skeg – this improves tracking when compared to other packrafts
Internal Storage System (ISS) (cargo zipper) an optional extra.
Optional removable spray deck
Optional custom colour (contact us after placing your order with your selection from red, green, yellow and blue panels/seams)

The polyurethane coated material (TPU) used is UV resistant so it will keep it’s appearance for many years, it is also durable and flexible. This material is used on high end craft, setting MRS packrafts apart from the competition which use inferior PVC type products. TPU also allows the use of heat welded seams, removing the need for harmful glues in the construction of the tubes and floor.


The Barracuda R2 is designed for two people (but can be used solo) and excels in the following areas;

Long distance paddling
Adventure competitions
Whitewater canoeing
Remote explorations
Recreation paddling
Fishing and hunting

The boat can be used on lakes, rivers, open white water and sheltered ocean bays. It is the perfect small, light and packable leisure accessory for your next holiday adventure wherever that may be.

Main specifications;

Outer length; 356cm

Outer width; 97cm

Inner length; 217cm

Inner width; 35cm

Tube diameter; 31cm

Weight; 5.1kg

Manufacturer warranty; 3 years

What is included?

– MRS Barracuda R2

– Repair material (no glue)

– Inflation bag

– Seats and backrests

– Internal Storage System (optional extra)

– Skeg for better traction

– Strap

– Spray deck (optional extra)

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