The frigate ‘Shtandart’ is a full-size replica of a ‘man’o’war’ and was the flagship of the first Russian Baltic fleet.   Construction of the original was personally directed by Peter the Great following his lengthy visits to Britain over several years where he studied the building of warships at the Royal Dockyards.  The original Shtandart was launched in 1703.  The replica was built in St-Petersburg and launched in 1999.

Shtandart took part in the ‘Northern Wars’ in the early part of the eighteenth century as Peter’s flagship but in 1719 she was laid up as a museum ship for several years because Peter had ordered she was to be “preserved for ever as a monument to the art of shipbuilding”.  However, the vessel deteriorated and by1728 had become derelict and was broken up.    At the time, Peter’s widow Catherine ordered that a replica be built – but this didn’t happen until nearly 300 years later!  In the early 1990’s a group of young shipwrights at a shipyard in St Petersburg found themselves with little work following perestroika.  However, there was a considerable stock of suitable timber available, so they determined to revive the spirit of Peter the Great by building a replica of his flagship. The Howeverkeel was laid in November 1994 and five years later in September 1999 the new Shtandart was launched.

The new vessel was built from the plans used for the original, and her exterior and interior faithfully recreate one of the most significant eighteenth-century ships. Shtandart is a sea-going sail training ship and with her young crew – drawn from a variety of countries, the ship has become a firm favourite at many maritime festivals around Europe.

Visit Shtandart at berth M635.

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