Electronic Compass Rule Change for Laser Racers

Taking advantage of a recent rule change, scores of Laser competitors at this season’s regattas in Palma, Hyeres and La Rochelle have been using digital wireless compasses for the first time. Following in the wake of 470s, 420s and Finns, the one design class finally made the decision to scrap the former electronic compass prohibition in December last year.

The main advantages of the rule change are that these devices are lighter, more precise and easy to read – which means no time is lost trying to decipher the shifting lines of a traditional compass. The precision can also help to quickly pin-point exactly where the wind is coming from and swiftly detect any shifts in direction.

It seems likely that by the end of the year, most serious competitors will have embraced the rule change and gone digital. As Raymarine OEM Sales Manager and dinghy racer Greg Wells said: “It has an unrivalled proven success record having been used by countless medallists at Olympic, world, European and national championship level.”

He added: “I’m so pleased that the ILCA has made this rule change so the many thousands of Laser sailors can now also enjoy the benefits of this wonderful product.”

For further information and guidelines about the use of an electronic compass for Laser dinghies, read the new ILCA rules here. (laserinternational.org)

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