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DinghyGo, the inflatable sailboat , provides three boats in one! not only is ist possible to sail or row comfortably, it is also possible to use an outboard engine. It doesn't matter whether you're going to France by car, staying near water or if you live in a tall apartment building; there is always room for your DinghyGo. Stowed away in just two compact bags DinghyGo can easily come with you in your car boot, inside your carvan or camper or on board of your yacht. 

When you arrive at your destination, you only need to fold out, pump up and rig your DinghyGo to take it out on the water. DinghyGo provides room for a family of four with its 8' in length. Children and solo sailors can also choose the smaller DinghyGo S model, measuring only 7'3". Whether you're a beginner or experienced sailor, DinghyGo feels like a real sailing boat and is fun and easy to control.

The sail is easy to use singlehanded. You can sail as close-hauled as you would like with the unique daggerboard. The high level of buoyancy of the tubes provides unprecedented stability, comfort and safety. DinghyGo's flexible skin provides for maximum comfort and the minimum change of damage when colliding with another vessel. 

In short, the versatility and portability make DinghyGo the most fun, coolest and dexterious sailing dinghy and tender for the whole family.





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