Free Coffee at Southampton Boat Show 2018

SUP Inflatables and The F-CUP has teamed up with The Crow’s Nest, located in the Arena, to offer Boat Show Visitors FREE coffee when they buy an F-CUP.

Interested to hear WHY? and where??? Read on to hear more on Gary Willingham the Founder of SUP Inflatables and The F-CUP and why he has Said NO to single use plastic and has gone one step further to help us to do something about it!

Gary’s Story…

One day I was sat down at my fav beech, I saw a coffee cup washing up on the beach, I got up and picked it up and sat down with it in my hand.. a smiley face and someone’s name written on the front, I recognise the good intentions of these big companies to share the taste of great coffee but the single use waste it’s creating I felt is crazy….I turned this cup around and around in my hand and started the formulation of a possible idea…

That was the beginning of  the FCUP..
Gary say’s..I wanted a cup that did everything.. made tea and coffee taste how it should without any metal or plastic taste, kept you drink hot and your hand cool, was able to travel and didn’t have any nasty chemicals in the plastic, A cup that was hard wearing so it didn’t have to be thrown away, nice to look at so people would be proud to use it, and that would work in most situations so It could travel from car, to office, holidays and be used for multiple different things from coffee to water to takeout smoothies, ice cream sundaes for the kids..
Gary designed for nearly a year, tweaking the design and sharing ideas with family until one day finally FCUP was ready for great tasting coffee… If you would like to meet Gary and buy your own F-CUP and get your FREE cup of coffee from The Crows Nest, Please come along to Stand A115 right next to the Crows Nest in the Arena.