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Cruising Association : Get on board with the next generation CAptain’s Mate App

On-stand preview demo available | Ocean Hall/J:419

A major upgrade to the CA’s CAptain’s Mate app is set for full launch in the autumn, the largest since it was first introduced to members in 2012. This has been over a year in development and promises to reveal significant improvements and a host of new resources. CAptain’s Mate has been completely redesigned and reconfigured, exclusively for CA members and all visitors to the CA stand can demo the preview version.

All the key features of the app have been enhanced, relaying practical up-to-date advice and recommendations as well as providing a community resource for finding fellow CA cruisers.

For the first time there is the capability to add photographs for harbour and marina entrances and the app gives the user streamlined access to over 6,400 separate cruising locations. The maps now filter seamlessly to show facilities ranging from fuel docks to laundrettes and there are trusted members’ submissions covering pilotage, restaurants, car hire, walking routes, and so on. This information is also replicated on the web version of the app, allowing members to access the information from any kind of device.

Importantly, and fundamental to its continuing success, all the information on CAptain’s Mate benefits from regional editing by people who know each area well. It is also moderated information and all members post under their own names so the editors can contact them for clarification, and hence other members can have real confidence that the information provided is accurate.

The CA is acknowledged as the leading organisation for cruising sailors and motor cruisers with 6,300+ members around the world. Founded in 1908 specifically to meet the needs of cruising sailors, the CA has become a haven for many great names in sailing and is dedicated to those who enjoy cruising on sailing and motorboats. Well-known names associated with the CA include HRH The Princess Royal and the CA’s Patron, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston. Supporters also include Keith Musto, Tom Cunliffe, Jeanne Socrates and Don Street, amongst others.

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