Go green with ePropulsion UK at Southampton Boat Show 2022

Southampton Boat Show visitors wanting greener boating solutions will find plenty of opportunities to see the ePropulsion range of electric motors.

See the new ePropulsion F10 electric 10kW POD making its UK debut in the Environmental Innovation Showcase inside the Southampton International Boat Show. The showcase will:

  • focus on the best new environmental products for marine use
  • advise boaters on the best ways to achieve cleaner, greener boating

The F10 POD is designed to propel medium sized yachts and sailboats up to 10 tonnes. Compact, space-saving and lightweight, it weighs just 39kg, comes with a durable 3 blade 13”x11.3” aluminium propeller and has a torque level equivalent to a 30hp diesel inboard.

Near the Environmental Showcase and Green Blue stand you’ll find ePropulsion’s outboard tank test. This impactful display visually demonstrates the benefits of electric power for the ocean environment.

Three separate, clear water tanks will individually contain an ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus electric outboard motor, an industry standard 2 stroke and a 4 stroke outboard engine. Each engine is started in clean water.

After just one hour, the 2 stroke tank is completely discoloured and something you wouldn’t want to swim in or want fish to live in. The 4 stroke has a very murky look and greasy waterline.  The electric tank is completely clear and stays that way after continuous running. It’s a comparison that is well worth seeing for yourself!

The new ePropulsion H-100 motor will be making its debut at the Show on the Nestaway Boats stand. This highly powerful, compact 100 kW electric motor is one of the very first electric propulsion systems specifically designed for larger vessels between 60 to 100’ (18-30m) vessels with a displacement of up to 200 tons.

Nestaway have doubled the size of their stand, which is dedicated to electric outboards and motors. With the complete ePropulsion range on display, the ePropulsion UK team will also be on hand to offer expert advice.

Cornish Crabber will be exhibiting a Pilot Cutter 30 in the marina, with dual 6 kW POD drives installed. If you pop by the stand to see the Pilot Cutter, ask them to switch on the ePropulsion motor. You won’t be able to hear it!

Banks Martin, the modern and contemporary inland leisure boat manufacturers, will be displaying an e Henley 5 fitted with a long range ePropulsion Navy 6.0 outboard. The boat will be in the marina with Tingdene Boat Sales. 

The Navy outboard will also be on display on the Highlander Boats and Lindon Lewis/Whaly Boats stand.

The British Yachting Award winning Spirit 1.0 EVO, and its sister motor the Spirit 1.0 Plus, will be appearing on a variety of boats in the Show including:

  • Viko Yachts – on the S21 sailing yacht
  • Astsus Trimarans – on the Astsus 22.5
  • Fishing and dayboat manufacturers Highlander Boats
  • RS dinghy and keelboat manufacturers RS Sailing
  • Multiple class sailing dinghy manufacturers, Hartley Boats
  • Excel Inflatables with a range of tenders and leisure boats
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