Gransden Dry Ice Blasting offering anti foul removal

We are a company called Gransden Dry Ice a blasting

And we will be offering a service to remove all the anti foul from the bottom of the boats. We can start on your boat as soon as it comes out of the water.

Dry ice blasting is a process of using solid CO2 3mm pellets that sublimates on impact and cleans the surface with no secondary waste and no damage to the gel coat. It leaves it with a smooth finish and typically a 40 foot boat will take us 2 days but we are looking at the ways to reduce the time and cost.

Like have 2 machines on one day or obviously if we can get multiple boats in the same marina can reduce the price massively.

We really do believe this is the future of anti foul removal.

The research that we have done over the past 6 months is typically a 40 foot boat would probably take 5/6 days of hard labour to remove the anti foul. 

Also you will find many marinas now have banned the process of sand blasting but have given us really good feedback on the process of dry Ice Blasting 

Where we could typically look to complete a 40 foot boat with in 2 days 

So we can have you boat back before you know it! 

Obviously our costs would be higher than doing it yourself but what the ice blasting does is completely removes and does not damage the boat.

Where as if you are scrapping the boat it doesn’t matter how experienced you are you will damage the boat a few times whilst scraping.

As when removing the anti foul it is important to remove all the anti foul as over time it can weigh your boat down and cause more damage and maintenance problems as time goes on.

So this is why it is so important to completely remove all the anti foul 

We are at stand J272

Come and see us!!

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