OSCAR Sentry – the New Class of Intelligent Object Recognition at Sea

BSB Artificial Intelligence created a splash when they launched their first OSCAR system for racing yachts and sailing yachts. Now they follow up with a version for motor vessels that takes AI-based situational awareness to a new level: OSCAR Sentry is about to enter the boat show circuit from Cannes over Southampton to Florida’s IBEX. 

First introduced in 2018, OSCAR technology closes a gap that radar and AIS receivers do not cover: Combining a set of RGB and thermal cameras with artificial intelligence based on the experience of millions of detected objects, OSCAR reliably identifies non-signaled small craft, buoys and other floating objects. In addition, OSCAR can support search efforts in POB situations.

Now the company extends the OSCAR range to motor vessels, bringing 360° advanced detection and identification capabilities to the bridges of motor yachts, SAR and Coast Guard vessels as well as commercial craft. 

OSCAR Sentry provides a range of situational awareness tools

  • Collision Avoidance: OSCAR Sentry scans the sea ahead of the vessel, mapping obstacles, providing intelligent warning of collision risks and supporting decision-making with augmented reality view.
  • Perimeter Surveillance: The system covers either a 360° field or a selected sector, automatically warning of any approaching objects, including small dinghies or jetskis.
  • Object Tracking: OSCAR Sentry keeps or continuous object tracking and augmented reality view.
  • Selected observation: OSCAR Sentry can be directed manually and comes with 16x electronic zoom for RGB and thermal view.

Integrating the system’s data-feed into a vessel’s onboard computer adds a vital real-world dimension to radar, AIS and digital charts, including acoustic alerts when OSCAR’s AI identifies collision risks or approaching objects. Alternatively, the unit connects with tablets, smartphones through the easily installed OSCAR app. 

Raphael Biancale, CTO and founder of OSCAR, says, “OSCAR Sentry is a powerful multi-purpose tool for the safe operation of cruising, commercial and government vessels. This latest technology, proven in 300,000 miles on the water and in the most trying conditions, is capable of substantially improving the safety in a wide variety of conditions.”

For in-depth information and contact to a dealer in your area please consult www.oscar-navigation.com

Technical data OSCAR Sentry

Thermal Cameras640x512px, 34° HFOV (LWIR) 640x512px, 8° HFOV
Low light cameras2560x1944px, 34° HFOV 2560x1944px, 8° HFOV
Weight4.8 kg
Power Supply24V
Pan, Tilt360°, +20°
Dimensions355 x 202 x 250 mm
User InterfaceOnboard computer, tablet, mobile phone
Interfaces NetworkRJ45 NMEA 2000 WiFi

About OSCAR products:

OSCAR combines leading edge camera technology with artificial intelligence to offer a new class of high-tech safety systems and enhanced situational awareness. Scanning the sea, sensitive to temperature differences as small as one tenth of a degree and based on machine learning experience from millions of recognized marine objects, OSCAR covers the blind spot of radar devices and AIS: identifying non-signaled small craft, buoys and floating objects. In addition, OSCAR can support search efforts in POB situations. Simple to use, OSCAR communicates with smartphones, tablets and onboard computers. OSCAR is an acronym for Optical System for Cognition And Ranging.

About BSB Group

Makers of OSCAR artificial intelligence systems, BSB is a pioneer in marine artificial intelligence systems. 

A fast-growing multinational team, BSB offers a high-tech product portfolio for intelligent recognition of objects at sea. 

BSB was founded in 2018 by automotive developer and blue water sailor Raphael Biancale. The company is based in Linz (AT), Vienna (AT), Port la Forêt (FR) and Lisbon (PT).

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