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250W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel

Exhibitor: Tesup Electronics
Price: £360.58 excluding VAT
Product type: Electronics and Electrical Equipment

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DAS Flexible 250W

360.58 GBP + VAT

414.46 GBP   You Save 53.88 GBP (limited time only)

DAS Flexible 250W BIPV Building integrated and Building applied PV module with Front Junction Box


Applications: Rooftop, facade 

Positive power tolerance 0/+5W 


Made without glass – the patented glass-fibre reinforced plastic core guarantees stability, strength, exibility, quality and durability.


Ultra-lightweight: Less than 2.5 kg/m2 

Patented structure: Overall thickness only 2 mm, glass-fibre reinforced plastic in front and behind the cells, soil-resistant surface 

Flexibility: Flexible adjustment to application surface 

Various and easy mounting possibilites: E.g. gluing, screwing, riveting, magnetic holder

Customer specific or project specific adaptation: Customizable dimensions, cell type and colours

High energy yield: Light-trapping effect generated by the lenticular surface

High Realibilty: IEC 61730, IEC 61215, IEC 61701 Salt mist corrosion test, IEC 62716 Ammonia corrosion test, EN 13501-5 BROOF(t1) „Flying sparks test“

WARRANTY: 10-year product warranty, 25-year linear performance warranty


Pushing the boundaries of conven onal photovoltaics: DAS Energy GmbH is a joint venture between Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH and Alterna ve Energy Solutions GmbH. The company was founded in 2010 and combines the technologies of photovoltaic on the basis of crystalline silicon solar cells and glass-fibre materials from aerospace construction.



Number of cells: 60

Dimensions “front junction box” (L x W x T): 1706 x 991 x 2 mm

Dimensions “rear junction box” (L x W x T): 1657 x 991 x 2 mm

Dimensions “front junction box w/ holes for screwing or riverting” (L x W x T): 1744 x 1029 x 2 mm

Dimensions “rear junction box w/ holes for screwing or riverting” (L x W x T): 1695 x 1029 x 2 mm

Weight: 4.5 kg

Power: 250 Wp

Solar cells: 4BB Polycrystalline solar cells (optional monocrystalline)

Maximum system voltage: 1000 V

Maximum over current protec on: 20 A

Front sheet: Soil-resistant ETFE-Film

Encapsula on: Patented glass-fibre reinforced plastic, EVA

Junction box: TÜV-certified (IP 65) with 3 Bypass-Diodes

Cables: 2x4mm2, 900mm

Connector: PV4S

ISC (A)= 8.41

Voc (V)= 37.57

Imp (A)= 8.02

Vmp (V)= 31.17


DAS 250WP Flexible BIPV fulfil the requirements of below listed international standards:

IEC EN 61213

IEC EN 61730-1

IEC EN 61730-2

IEC EN 62716

IEC EN 61701

IEC TS 62804-1

EN 13501-5

And corresponds to the regulations of the EC-Directive 2004/108/EC, as well as 2006/95/EC.


Fixing the panels to a flat surface can be done via doublesided “Lohmann tape”. Modules can be ordered with this tape on the backside. Cost for adhesive bonding is as follows: DST (double-sided tape) full surface £0.10/Wp or alternatively DST partial surface (20%) £0.04/Wp.


 TESUP DAS 250 Watt Flexible BIPV Solar Panel Datasheet

 Lohmann DuploColl 9182 DSP (Double Sided Tape) Datasheet

 TESUP DAS 250 Watt Flexible BIPV Solar Panel DST Applications

 BUY Eyelets for TESUP DAS 250 Watt Flexible BIPV Solar Panel

 BUY Lohmann Full Backside Surface DST (Double-Sided Tape) for DAS 250W Flexible BIPV

 BUY Steca MPPT 2010 Solar Charge Controller

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