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Boating Festival14-23 September 2018

35A Air Speed Wind Turbine

Exhibitor: Tesup Electronics
Price: £259 excluding VAT
Product type: Electronics and Electrical Equipment

Exhibiting On Stand / Berth Nos


Carbon blades!

 Shop 24V 35A Air Speed Wind Turbine

This wind turbine produces AC, please purchase any of below listed hybrid charge controllers for DC output.

The newly developed IstaBreeze® Air Speed is a wind generator for professional use, which reliably supplies energy even under extreme conditions automatically.

The generous dimensioning of the generator components and the heat dissipation via the newly developed aluminum housing ensure a low thermal load which ensures a long service life even at high ambient temperatures.

The generator shaft runs in two encapsulated and permanent lubricated ball bearing bearings made of stainless steel. At the front bearing, a special friction-free sealing disc prevents the penetration of moisture and dust.

 Istabreeze 650 Watt Hybrid Wind and Solar Charge Controller (12 Volt)

 BUY Mounting Pole I

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