– The Ultimate Marine Mattress
– Specially Designed for Optimum Comfort in the Marine Environment
– Orthopaedic Support with Pocket Spring & Memory Foam Combination
– Uniquely Designed to Breathe Laterally with Humidity Dispersing Layers

Boat bed construction doesn’t allow air to circulate sufficiently and escape vertically down as it would on a domestic bed, which results in hot sweaty nights. Our Air-Flow Marine+ mattresses incorporate specifically designed layers to create the most breathable marine mattress available!

Designed with DRY-Mat®, the market leading anti-condensation layer built in on the top surface and exposed sides, a built-in foam topper in a comfort grade of your choice with integrated breather channels, and a breather panel to aid ventilation in the mattress cover.

We have two variations of Air-Flow Marine+®; the Pocket Sprung Core and the 3D Independent Foam Core. The pocket core offers the ultimate combination of home comfort on board, breathability and support. The foam core offers a lightweight alternative with the same orthopaedic support as a sprung mattress.

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