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Boating Festival14-23 September 2018

Dinghy Derrick

Exhibitor: Ark-Marine
Product type: Chandlery Deck and Hull Equipment

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Ark Marine Ltd is a British company manufacturing in England an entirely new method of transporting and launching dinghies from sailing yachts. The device is not a davit, albeit it performs the same functions, but technically is a type of derrick crane and so we call it “Dinghy Derrick”.


Many styles of yacht have no difficulty carrying dinghies; those very large sailing yachts with dinghy garages in the stern, some centre cockpit cruisers with adequate stern structure on which to mount conventional Γ-shaped davits, and power boats many of which have stern platforms specifically for this function.


But the majority of new cruising yachts in the popular 35 to 55 foot range are now coming equipped with drop-down transoms in the form of a folding bathing platform. All of the peripheral horizontal structure is given across to folding locker lids, helmsman's seats or pushpit support. None of this design have the facility to mount conventional davits. Even those which could take transom faced davits find that the 3 meter or so distance between them is too wide. It is precisely for this style of yacht that the Ark Marine Dinghy Derrick has been invented.


Of course, it also fits the scoop stern style as well as those yachts with steeply raked transoms at such an angle that a conventional davit fails to have enough outreach.


Dinghy Derrick consists of a pair of extending track arms hinged onto the transom surround either side of the bathing platform (or scoop) which fold down to launch a dinghy at an angled distance away from the stern allowing the platform to be folded down with the dinghy in place and the crew walk straight on to it.

The track arms fold up to lift the dinghy out of the water to a normal carriage position at coamings height. But given that the dinghy carriage slides on these tracks, the dinghy may also be elevated 2 metres upwards to allow the use of the yacht stern, either for access or bathing or stern-on docking in a port/marina.

The Derrick will handle a GRP double floored RIB, made with a heavy fabric such as Hypalon, and carrying an outboard engine.

All of this is achieved with electrical power provided by a rope windlass which can be mounted in a wide variety of possible positions. It is activated by the user with a small remote control.

Derrick is able to be most flexibly configured on yachts of differing transom geometries, curvatures, beams, rake attitudes and layouts.  We do not promise that it will fit 100% of yachts, but most likely a higher percentage of modern mid-sized cruising yachts than any other system.  

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