Wing foiling is at the core of every design decision made in the development in each Fanatic Sky Wing board. Each of the three sizes, uniquely shaped with easily accessible performance that has you smiling from ear to ear.

Across the development of the three Fanatic Sky Wing board lengths, two main design principles emerged sending the range in two directions. The smaller 4ft 8 inch and 5 foot Sky Wing boards are more focused on delivering their best in a freeride to wave riding conditions. With their more expressive rocker line, bevelled rails and very pronounced double concave that lead to a flat aft section for the occasional touch down and promoting early flight.

While the 5 foot 4 inch and two large model Sky Wing’s are focused on yielding the earliest take off while remaining compact enough to deliver each rider input in a direct way that doesn’t overwhelm with excessive swing weight. This Sky Wing board size also has a much flatter rocker which increases board speed to encourage earlier flight, particularly effective in lighter wind conditions.

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