Frigomar are the market leader in the manufacture of low-energy, silent, marine air conditioning. For over 40 years, constant innovation, advanced technology and excellent product support have been the foundation on which Frigomar has built its reputation. Frigomar supply many of the most prestigious yacht manufacturers around the globe.

The new Frigomar SCU series of self-contained air conditioning units are up 50% more efficient compared to old technology stop/start units. The compressor starts at a very slow speed with no peak current demand and accelerates quickly up to its max speed. As room temperature approaches the set point, the compressor slows down ensuring a constant comfortable temperature on board.

Frigomar’s unique Variable Frequency Drive works constantly, not just during start-up. The air conditioner continually adjusts its compressor speed to maintain the desired ambient temperature without sharp fluctuations. This technology allows Frigomar to deliver continuous variable cooling without using excess energy. You will enjoy a higher level of comfort, lower noise level and reduced energy consumption than with any other marine air conditioner on the market today.

Variable frequency inverter drive technology eliminates stop/start cycles which improves the energy efficiency and prevents whilst eliminating sharp fluctuations in air temperature; Frigomar SCUs are A-rated whilst other air con brands are typically D-rated for energy consumption. This technology also results in silent operation, increased lifespan, and enhanced comfort on board, when compared with old stop/start technology.

The control panels feature touch screen technology allowing you to control such things as operation mode, system temperature set points and fan speeds. Commonly used modes are automatic, so many of these functions are controlled by the air conditioning system.

• 50% more efficient – A-Rated

• No high peak start current (2A maximum)

• Silent operation and stable temperature

• Low consumption: only 200W in ECO mode

• Compact design and low weight

• Adjustable fan outlet position

• Removable control box

• Touch screen control panel

• Reverse cycle heat

• Choice of 115V, 230V AC & 24V, 48V DC power

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