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Hydra Dehazer & Demulsifier Fuel Additive

Exhibitor: Hydra International
Price: 250ml @ £14.59, 500ml @ £20.59, 1 ltr @ £29.89, 5 ltr @ £121.13
Product type: Miscellaneous

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  • Removes Fuel Haziness, Water from Diesel and MGO.
  • Reduced need for filtering and reprocessing.
  • Reduced tank settling period and improves operational efficiency.
  • Prevention of hazing problems across the supply chain.

Water contamination in fuel can be a major problem. Suspended water appears as a haziness in the fuel and is normally a cold season problem. When diesel fuel cools down during storage. 

This can be seen on cold mornings after overnight storage and it will disappear when the fuel warms up. Generally seen as a greasy emulsion on blocked filters which disappears when the filter is dried.

Normally, hydrocarbons and water separate rapidly and cleanly. However, if the fuel contains polar compounds that behave like surfactants and if free water is present, the fuel and water can form an emulsion. Any operation which subjects the mixture to high shear forces (such as pumping the fuel) can stabilize the emulsion. 

The inclusion of surface active compounds in the fuel can lead to the formation of emulsions, often described as haziness of the fuel. To prevent this problem occurring, demulsifiers and dehazers, can be added to the fuel which results in water separation. 

The Hydra Dehazer & Demulsifier lowers the interfacial tension of the emulsion allowing coalescence of the water droplets in order to accelerate the settling of water, resulting in a clean bright fuel. 

We offer a unique range of Hydra Dehazer products which are proven to effectively treat fuel, promoting rapid water separation. These products are to work at low dilutions. A sample of your fuel is required for us to offer the optimal product for your application.

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