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Hydra Lubricity Booster Fuel Additive

Exhibitor: Hydra International
Price: 250ml @ £9.99, 500ml @ £17.48, 1 ltr £29.89
Product type: Miscellaneous

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  • Low Sulphur Fuels Lubricant Improver.
  • Improves lubricity of low sulfur and ultra low sulfur diesel/MGO fuels.
  • Extends the life of components by minimizing metal-to-metal contact.
  • Maintains clean injectors, reduced filter blocking.

Legislation requires a transition for main engines operating on heavy fuel to the new low sulphur distillate fuel. The hydro-processing process used to remove the sulphur from fuels also removes the lubricity properties of the fuel. The injection equipment of diesel engines is prone to excessive pump wear when using low or ultra low sulphur fuels, since this kind of fuels have relatively low viscosity and reduced lubricating value.

Dilution Rate: 1: 6667 (150ppm) equals 15ml per 100 litres

Hydra Lubricity Booster is a lubricity improver for use in low sulfur diesel fuel, ultra low sulfur diesel fuel and 0.1% sulfur MGO. It improves the lubricity of the fuel, the fuel pumps and injectors and maintains clean injectors. Middle distillate fuel consumption from Jan 2015 has significantly increased which proportionally increases the risk for poor lubricity. Lubricity of a fuel is dictated by the hydro-processing severity in the refinery to reduce sulphur content. No direct correlation between lubricity and Sulphur or viscosity.


Hydra Lubricity Booster contains lubricity improvers that decrease fuel pump wear issues, they work in very cold climates and are low in sulphur. Test results give HFRR Wear Profile of less than 300. These lubricants also reduce the friction in the cylinder thereby improving the coefficient of friction helping improve fuel economy. 


The cloud point is less than –55°C which means it does not change the pour point or waxing point when used in fuels in winter conditions. 

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