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Hydra Petrol Power Blast

Exhibitor: Hydra International
Price: 250ml @ £8.60, 500ml @ £12.30, 1 ltr @ £20.95
Product type: Miscellaneous

Exhibiting On Stand / Berth Nos


  • Injector Cleaner & Power Booster.
  • Contains heavy duty detergents, cleans and protects fuel injectors.
  • Boosts fuel Economy up to 10% maximises power and acceleration.
  • Reduced emissions plus A-rating corrosion protection.

Powerful Detergent

The powerful detergents in Hydra Petrol Power Blast Injector Cleaner prevents the formation of and removes existing deposits caused by fuel decomposition and unburnt fuel. These deposits interfere with the performance of your engine. Helps to keep clean and clean-up intake valves and injectors.

Maintenance Dosage Rate: 1: 1000 Use 10 ml Hydra Petrol Power Blast Injector Cleaner to 10 litres of fuel.
1st Treatment Dosage Rate: 1: 500 Use 10 ml Hydra Petrol Power Blast Injector Cleaner to 5 litres of fuel.

Optimal Injector Spray Pattern 

Modern high pressure direct injection engines use precise fuel metering through narrow shaped spray channels. Injector deposits mean reduced fuel flow. 100% clean injectors give optimal fuel spray pattern, this results in a very finely atomised spray. This means that each finely dispersed particle of fuel is surrounded by many molecules of air (20% oxygen) ensuring a more complete burn. Which in turn gives you better fuel economy, reduced emissions and improved engine durability. 

Petrol Fuel Injector Cleaner protects your valuable fuel systems, prevents machine malfunction, and engine failures. Protects the fuel performance properties as well as specifications such as colour, heat of combustion, pour point and cloud point. Petrol Injector Cleaner also prevents fuel starvation, damage to injectors and engines.

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