Red Box PRO Land & Marine Range

Accelerate & take control of your internet! Featuring 4G+ Global Modems, a half step to 5G that works today

With 3 brand new form factors, the Red Box PRO range has something for everyone!

Red Box PRO Marine
✓ perfect for leisure and commercial vessels
✓ simple, automated set-up
✓ rugged chassis
✓ 12/24V DC (optional AC adaptor available)
✓ available in 3 variations (basic, long range WiFi and 4G)

Red Box PRO Desktop (VPN / WorkFromHome)
✓ perfect for business internet, at home or in the office
✓ flicker free Zoom calls
✓ slim line chassis
✓ 240/110V AC (also runs on a USB battery pack)
✓ available in 2 variations (single or double 4G radio cards)

Red Box PRO Ultra
✓ perfect for leisure & business internet
✓ super powerful, super fast, super compact
✓ 12/24V DC and 240/110V AC (and USB battery pack option)
✓ available in configurations of up to 3 x 4G radio cards

(* no Huawei products used)

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Mail A Sail
Product Price
Prices from £599 +VAT