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Boating Festival14-23 September 2018

Social Events

Exhibitor: Flexisail
Product type: Charter and Holidays
Exhibiting On Stand / Berth Nos
M319, M321


One of the many reasons that make FlexiSail the leaders in membership sailing is our family of members. We professionally organise many social events throughout the year where our members can build long lasting friendships and as a result actually, spend more time on the water!

Our social events are inclusive of the whole family and cater for all age ranges, they vary from members lunches and small sailing trips on the Solent to Cowes for a spot of lunch, participation in the ‘Round the Island Race’, up to our ‘Longer Passage’ across the channel to France with BBQ’s, games, wine tasting and group dinners for an extended weekend, and we even offer an annual flotilla in the Mediterranean and members only skiing trips. Our socials are always very popular with often 80+ members attending, we have seen some great friendships grow.

When our members have made friends in FlexiSail they often ‘pool’ their time together and will have a weekend sailing together, this uses just one of their allocation days each. Others find it a great way to meet our FlexiCrew who are always willing and waiting to come sailing with our members to provide an extra pair of hands when needed at no cost.

Sailing is a fantastic past time and it is always great to have a drink and a chat about the days sailing with new found friends!

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