SETAG Yachts: a new concept for luxury yacht buyers

We are delighted to be at Southampton International Boat Show for the very first time and are thrilled to be able to share with you a ‘Third Way’ in yacht purchasing, showcasing the beautifully Remastered Squadron 58 and Squadron 42 on stands M650 – M652.

With over 30 years’ experience in the luxury yacht business (starting as a Technical Engineering Apprentice and ending up as CEO of Princess Yachts), our founder Chris Gates has seen it all. Which means he was uniquely placed to see what the industry has been missing all these years.

“Boatbuilding is in our blood, offering you the confidence and reassurance that your treasured yacht is in the hands of the experts.” – Chris Gates

Up until now, there have only been two options for those looking to buy in the luxury yacht market:
1. Buy new – which of course has a premium attached to it
2. Buy a pre-owned boat – which will cost you less, but you will have to accept the compromises that come with it.

Customers should not be expected to compromise when refitting their pre-owned yacht, we drawing on the expertise of the craftspeople who built it originally, so that it is ‘as good as new’ in terms of state-of-the-art design, interior tastes, as well as navigation, safety and entertainment systems? Not to mention the ability to upgrade your yacht using sustainable materials, processes, and practices?

This is the offer that Setag brings. The best of both worlds, at incredible value, built by the best in the business. With over 200 years’ combined experience working on Sunseeker, Fairline and Princess yachts, we provide more than a refit service: instead, we can create something that’s bespoke and tailored for you, with no compromises.

To showcase the level of personalisation we can deliver, Setag will be revealing two yachts for the Southampton International Boat Show 2021:

Squadron 58 (2008) came with a £90,000 base refit price, with the entire project finished in five weeks. This was a significant refit project, the boat arrived to us in need of substantial updating.

BEFORE. Squadron 58

AFTER. Squadron 58

Squadron 42 (2012) had a £50,000 base refit price, with entire project finished in just three weeks. In this case, the boat was in a good condition, but simply did not match the new owner’s taste.

If you think about buying a new house – you would never expect to have to live with the previous owner’s taste in décor, inherit their old TV and appliances. The first thing you do is redecorate, renovate – and start to put your own stamp on it, to turn a house into a home. That’s exactly the level of service we are bringing to the yacht industry.

Setag: welcome to the Third Way in yacht purchasing…

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