Tom Cunliffe

Legendary yachtsman, columnist, author, radio & TV presenter.


A boat with your name on it: Finding the right boat for you. There’s all sorts out there.

14 & 21 September, 12:30pm
Stokey Woodall

Adventurous ocean voyager & celebrated celestial navigator.

Subject: From GPS satellites to frying pans! Harnessing all heavenly bodies for a safe & satisfying crossing.

Every day, 1:30pm
Sam Llewellyn

 Novelist, columnist and connoisseur of the derelict!

Subject: Life, the sea, nurturing older boats and the importance of agricultural engineers in a marine refit.

16 September, 2:30pm
Dave Selby

Columnist, author & campaigning ‘boating on a budget’ evangelist.

Subject: Affordable sailing. For a tiny outlay you can still buy a yacht that will open up a world of adventure.

14 & 15 September, 4:30pm
Rod Heikell

Author of the world’s most popular pilot books & harbour guides.

Subject: Small boat exploits and an historical account of early voyages to the ever popular Mediterranean.

14 & 20 September, 2:30pm
Max Liberson

Ex fisherman, sailing adventurer, motor cycle courier & master of boating on shoestring.

Subject: The Boat They Laughed At. Trans-Atlantic exploits on a 45ft concrete yacht he bought for £1500.

13 September, 4:30pm
14, 15 & 16 September, 3:30pm
17-19 September, 12:30pm
20-22 September, 3:30pm
Ben Sutcliffe-Davies

Columnist, YDSA marine surveyor & time served boat builder.

Subject: Helpful tips and practical advice for potential buyers and sellers of affordable second hand craft.  

Every day, 11:30am
Peter Poland

30 years a boat builder, now a successful PR consultant & columnist.

Subject: Have new design trends and mass production methods changed boats and boating for the better?

13 September, 2:30pm
Kate Fortnam

Campaigner Manager at The Green Blue, the joint environment programme
created by the RYA & British Marine
Subject: How to safeguard your boating environment with good practice tips from The Green Blue.
14, 15 & 21 September, 11:00am
Tim Pyne

Celebrated architect, mono-hull & catamaran ocean voyager and older dad.


13, 20 & 22 September, 12:30pm
15, 17 & 19 September, 2:30pm
21 September, 3:00pm
Dick Durham

Veteran sailing journalist, author and upholder of maritime traditions.

Subject: Confessions of a Cruising Correspondent. Cock-ups and anecdotes garnered over the past 50 years.

13 September, 3:30pm
15-16 September, 12:30pm
Tony Curphey

Retired lorry driver is oldest sailor to complete solo non-stop circumnavigation.

Subject: Account of the recent 30,000 mile epic voyage aboard his 45 year old Nicholson 32 ‘Nicola Deux’.

17-19 September, 3:30pm
20 & 21st September, 4:00pm
22 September, 2.30pm
Duncan Wells

Duncan Wells


Boating columnist, author, instructor, training video producer and creator of MOB lifesaving devices.

Subject: Stress free mooring, how to make the bit we all worry about, worry free. Plus, interesting tips on Stress Free Navigation.

Plus, you can see his ‘Man Overboard’  retrieval demos in the Show Marina every day.

16-22 September, 4.30pm





Daily:  11:30, 13:30 and 15:30

Leonard Skinner & Mary Cooney

Leonard SkinnerMary Cooney

Authors and liveaboard adventurers!

Subject: Selling up & escaping to the sea on their own boat: how to go from casual cruiser to long-term liveaboard.



September 19th: 11:00am & 3:00pm
Borrow A Boat presents
Title sponsor, Borrow A Boat presents a range of interesting talks and panel discussions each weekday.



September 18: 1pm – Borrow A Boat – Own a Boat with David Thomas on his P2P boat ownership journey

September 19: 1pm – The ultimate crewed yacht charters with Matt Ovenden, founder of Borrow A Boat

September 19: 2pm – Accessibility is the solution with Mark Jardin of Yachts & Yachting

September 20: 1pm – From toe dips on SUPs to weeklong ocean adventures. Talk by Nicola Henderson, youngest female Clipper skipper


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