SUP inflatables – Taking the HOT air out of choosing your paddleboard

As the popularity of paddleboarding has sored, so has the vast amount of board choice alongside marketing hype and exaggeration. As paddleboarding is not a regulated product yet, at SUP inflatables, we have found that product communication is at its lowest with brands exaggerating the truth on what they are selling (with direct brands been the worst offenders). As much as people seem to be having fun on these boards, the bend and lack of quality mean riders just can’t stand up.. which results in us hearing a lot of customers been frustrated and thinking it’s their fault rather than the board quailty.

SUP inflatables is on a long-term mission to help customers understand the difference between high quality at all price points and low-quality boards. We are looking forward to being at the boat show for 10 days with our No1 mission.. To take the hot air out of choosing a great paddleboarding and allow customers true knowledge of what they are really buying, whether it be the amazon special or an affordable premium brand or a top-of-the-range product like Red Paddle Co.

There really are boards at all price points to suit all riders and with a little help, we are looking forward to explaining what to look out for to enjoy paddleboarding.




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