Britain’s Great
Boating Festival14-23 September 2018

Visitor Facilities

Disabled Visitors
Visitors displaying a valid blue badge (disabled parking) can park free of charge in all City Council surface car parks and on-street parking bays. For people with disabilities there is parking around the city centre and close to the Show entrance. Look out for the road signs for directions as you get closer to the Show.

Southampton has a Shopmobility service which operates from Castle Way, which can provide electric and manually operated wheelchairs and scooters. There is a small charge for this service, however with every customer there will be a free car parking space available at their offices, which are in close proximity to the Show.

For further information tel +44 (0) 23 8063 1263 or email Alternatively hire a wheelchair at the Show; just ask a cashier at the main entrance for details. The wheelchairs must be returned to the cashiers at the main entrance upon exiting the Show.

Attendants cannot be provided on site.

All areas of the show are accessible to disabled visitors and accessible toilets are located in every area of the show.  Disabled visitors should use the main entrance for access to the Show.

Access to the Marina
Controlled for safety reasons. Pushchairs and prams are not permitted on the Marina. Please use the Pushchair /Pram Park at the Babycare Unit, nearby the Marina Entrance. Visitors in wheelchairs, or with assistance dogs, may experience delays in getting onto the Marina during busy periods, especially at weekends.  Babies can be carried onto the Marina, although the organisers recommend visitors use an appropriate baby-carrying device. Security at the Marina entrance will advise.

Babycare Unit
There are free babycare facilities at the Show, located in Mayflower Park, adjacent to Windward Hall.

Cash and Banking
Cash and banking facilities are provided by ICE; located opposite the entrance to the Holiday Inn Hotel.

Care of Children
Children's wristband can be obtained from security. We follow a strict lost child policy. Please encourage young children to only speak to Security Personnel or a Show Information Host - they will be able to help. Please ensure older children experiencing the Show on their own or with friends know where to meet parents and how to contact them at a set time at the end of the day.

The event is not suitable and has no facilities for dogs or any other animals.  No animals, except assistance dogs, will be admitted.

Left Luggage
There are no cloakroom or left luggage facilities at the Show.

Medical Centre
Medical facilities are located in Mayflower Park, by Gate E.

Meeting Point
The designated Meeting Point is under the entrance canopy of the Holiday Inn Hotel.

Pelican Crossing
The Police request that visitors must use the Pelican Crossing when crossing West Quay Road between Gate A and Gate C.

Pram and Wheelchair Access
Our Bridge Avoidance Wristbands will help you avoid the temporary bridges that expand over the two main roads and divide the Show into different areas. Please request the Bridge Avoidance Wristband from security staff at each relevant Gate, i.e. Gate A to access Gate C, Gate H to access Gate E and vice versa for your return journey.

Smoking is not permitted in any halls or marquee structures.

Exhibitor's area