Using leading design and traditional construction methods we produce an extensive range of high specification inflatable boats & RIBs, at affordable prices complete with 5 years warranty on fabric and construction.
Excel Volante SD models feature a patented, reinforced, high pressure air deck and deep ā€œVā€ Inflatable keel for strength, stability and excellent seaworthiness. The Ventura SL Lightweight Tenders and Variane RT Round Tail range retain the high pressure air deck and maintain a compact and lightweight advantage.
The Excel Vanguard XHD models sport smart, durable, non-slip Aluminium decks and are available up to 7m!

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Volante 230

Volante 235

Volante 260

Volante 290

Volante 330

Volante 360

Ventura 230

Ventura 260

Vanguard 395

Virago 240

Virago 270

Virago 290

Virago 350

Virago 420

Virago 520