Curating the world’s best nautical adventures onto one digital platform.

Kraken was born from two sailors with a simple goal; making the adventure of sailing accessible to others.

We source the most amazing nautical adventures from around the world, connecting adventure seekers with our hand-picked travel operators.

Here we believe that the ocean is vast and expansive and there is so much more out there to explore. “The mission is to get more people sailing, as this in itself is a gateway to a bigger adventure.”

With this goal in mind, the company has grown to include a fleet of verified and professional yachts and operators. No trips make it onto our catalogue if we ourselves would not jump at the chance. We make sure that all our endeavours have environmental sustainability, accessibility, and inclusivity (and equality) at their core. We also believe in the highest levels of personal data protection and insist on accepting multi-currently payments using the most secure methods.

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