Photonic Universe is an established UK based supplier of solar, wind and other battery charging solutions, with extensive experience in the renewable energy sector.

Thousands of marine and boating clients worldwide rely on Photonic Universe’s products to generate clean energy for running onboard appliances and maintaining fully charged battery banks.

Our vast product catalogue includes solar panels, charge controllers, inverters, batteries and a range of battery chargers and monitors, as well as wind turbines and wind / hybrid charge controllers. Our complete solar kits offer ready-made charging solutions, no matter the size of your power requirements.

At Photonic Universe, we’re dedicated to offering the highest quality products at fair and competitive prices. We pride ourselves on our technical expertise, provided as standard to all our customers by our friendly UK based team. So do come by for a chat!

Featured Products

Semi-Flexible Solar Panels

Rigid Framed Solar Panels

Advanced Solar Charge Controllers

Victron Energy Products

Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Iconica Hybrid Inverters

12V & 2V Batteries and Battery Banks

Battery Chargers and Monitors