Purextracts is an award-winning, world’s first, company selling dried oil extracts that are soluble in any liquid or food to give premium flavours & maximum health benefits. They sell 10 different extracts of herbs & spices which people can use as a supplement as well as to make creative dishes.

Their second range, Luxurious Turmeric Massage Oils, are inspired by traditional ways of therapy to give long-term relief from aches & pains. They are 100% pure & natural meaning you can even use them in your food (something you would have never heard before!).

They were recently recognised as ‘England’s Finest’ and were critically acclaimed as ‘Product of the Future’ on BBC Radio.

These 100% pure herb extracts & massage oils come in small packs that make it perfect to take the goodness of nature with you on your voyages. Find them at the exhibition to stock up your boat.