Galicia, 1,500 kilometers of coast and 772 beaches. At present, the Community has 36 marinas perfectly equipped with over 7,000 docking points, and 18 of them boast Blue Flags. In addition, there are almost a hundred ports to take advantage of.

The rias (estuaries) of Galicia offer the perfect opportunity for nautical sports. Here, the land and the sea seem to blend in an enchanting coastline of calm waters and incomparable landscapes.

Taking part in professional fishing and shell-fishing activities, in boats or along the coast, has become one of Galicia’s most innovative tourist products. Joining the crew of an inshore fishing vessel in Galicia or shell-fishing on the sandbanks of Galicia’s coasts with the shell-fishermen themselves, sharing a working day, is possible thanks to the participation of fishermen’s brotherhoods and associations along the Galician coast.

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