X-Yachts was created on a dream some 40 years ago.

We believe passionately, that sailors should never settle for the status quo in terms of performance and pure sailing pleasure.

With advances in the various technologies that unite to form a yacht, comes opportunity to make sailing easier, safer and certainly a more pleasurable experience. X-Yachts philosophy has always been to embrace and utilize technology to advance and expand their dream.

By staying true and continuing to follow this founding belief and philosophy, the by-product today are simply some of the most beautiful yachts ever built, that deliver the key desirables; Performance, Safety, Ease of Use, Comfort, Style and importantly, a pride of ownership.

This heritage of X-Yachts is palpable, and indeed contagious. Once smitten by these beliefs and heritage, our proud owners rarely deviate from the brand.

Here in the UK, we get to reveal the X-Yacht philosophy to any sailor that aspires to owning an X-Yacht. We understand it’s not about “selling” an X-Yacht, our role is to simply advise and facilitate, and subsequently provide an in-house back up service to those that understand, and appreciate the passion that X-Yachts signifies in the world of sailing.

We look forward to meeting you and exploring the opportunities for you to join us on this X-Yacht journey.

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