Making its UK Boat Show Premiere! The new Astus 22.5 is the latest in the range of boats designed with world famous naval architects VPLP. This new boat is as exciting as the previous Astus VPLP models. Using the Astus tried and trusted telescopic arms the new trimaran boat can be rapidly expanded from a road legal and marina friendly width of 2.5m to a super stable 4.9m platform. The new boat’s even larger floats provide massive buoyancy and their wave piercing shapes keep this boat powering through the chop. The 22.5 is manufactured using Astus’ successful resin infusion process making the boat stiff and very light at only 650kg. That’s light enough to tow behind an ordinary family car.

Like all of the recent Astus boats the new family member has minimal draught when the swing keel and rudder are retracted, floating in only 34cm of water. Following its successful introduction in the 20.5 model the centreboard case is again offset to port in the 22.5, permitting easy access to the 4 berth cabin. A V-berth in the bow and two quarter berths, together with optional galley units and lots of stowage in the main hull and in the floats make this a capable family cruiser.

The new 22.5 has replaced the Astus 22 and 24 models and was unveiled at the French boat shows in 2021. Our own Astus 22.5 demonstrator has just arrived in the UK. Come and see it in the water at M316!

If you would like more information about the boat, a price list or a test sail, then please get in touch with us as UK Astus dealer, Boats On Wheels.

Exhibitor Name
Boats on Wheels
Boat Price
From £46,350
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