The Boatworld 320 Flat Air Deck boat is the newest edition of our boat range. It has been designed to be the perfect blend between our aluminium floor Pro Range and our Air V Type Range.

The substitution of the aluminium floor enables it to be lightweight and portable like the Air V Type range but with the flat deck to give the feeling of more stability when moving around on the deck. Under the air deck floor is an inflatable keel which enables a V-shaped hull to be created which gives the boat a great planning hull with better performance. Simpler, quicker to assemble and lighter than the aluminium decked pro range, this boat is an attractive proposition for anyone going out on the water who is looking for easy and lightweight with good stability.


Floor: High-Pressure Drop-Stitch Air Deck Floor
Hull Shape: V-Shape (Inflatable Keel)
Tube Diameter: 45cm
Overall Dimensions: 320cm x 150cm
Weight: 36kg
Boxed Size: 113 x 64 x 35cm
Material: 0.9mm PVC
Max Capacity: 4 people (500kg)
Classification: CAT C (inshore, up to 2m high waves)
Max Outboard Size: 15hp
Recommended Outboard Size: 10hp
Air Chambers: 3 + 1 Floor + 1 Keel

Please Note: Full Range of 270, 320 & 460 Air Deck available.

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