Boatworld Air V Type Floor 330


Our range of Air Deck V-Floor are the perfect companions for any type of on-the-water activity. Whether it is simply open water gliding, fishing or even coastal exploration, the V-Floor Air deck will make your ride super smooth. Our v-floor Air Deck SIBS are all about performance and agility, the deep v-hull ensures the best possible stability and the drop stitched floor helps soften the ride.

On all our Boatworld sibs we use top-quality PVC to ensure high performance in any kind of weather and any kind of water. Each boat has its own heavy-duty thick rubbing strake to act like a bumper to protect the tubes from punctures but also has a curved shape to deflects any spray.

One of the best things about our air decks and the reason we have several customers deciding on our air deck over our pro or slatted models is the speed of inflation and weight saving. With a heavy-duty pump, you can be up and ready to launch in 5 mins, and it can be stowed away and put it its own carry bag for easy transportation within minutes. With only weighing 35kg this makes this our Air Deck inflatable boat the perfect travel companion when every kg counts.

Our Orca 4 -stroke Outboard Engines are the perfect partner for our Air Deck inflatable boats. We have models from 1.2hp – 15hp engines available in petrol, propane and electric. Our air decks even have a fuel tank retaining strap to keep any external power source stable.

Our 330 model of our V-Floor Air Deck is one of the most popular within our range, perfect as a coastal explorer, open water glider or fishing companion. The 330 model is CAT C classified which means is it certified in inshore with up to 2-meter-high waves. It has a capacity of up to 609kg which means it will fit 5 adults and it can be partnered with any engine up to 15hp. We recommend for the perfect performance of our Orca 12hp 4-Stroke Petrol Outboard Engine.

330 Air Deck Features:

  • Cat C Serial plate
  • Bagged size 100cm x 60cm x 40cm
  • 0.9mm 1000 Denier High strength PVC cloth in an attractive 2-tone colourway
  • Stainless steel Davit and towing points on the transom and bow.
  • Fuel tank retaining strap

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What’s in the box: Boat | Aluminium seats | Oars | Double action stirrup Pump | Carry bag | Repair Kit