Candela C-8


100% electric long-range hydrofoiling powerboat

The first modern watercraft

C-8 is a long-range, all-electric craft that travels silently above the water’s surface. No emissions. No sound pollution or disturbance of marine life. Merging advanced aircraft technology with software and electronics, C-8 flies above the waves in silence. Consuming just a fraction of conventional boats’ energy, C-8 is the first true long-range electric cruiser.

57 range in nautical miles at 22 knots.
27 top speed in knots.
0 emissions.

A better experience

Combining a smooth and quiet ride with 99% lower operational costs, the C-8 provides a new and vastly better experience over combustion engine boats. The C-8 is powered by Candela’s C-POD, which is designed to last for 3 000 hours without maintenance. Fully retractable hydrofoils enable easy docking, trailering, and storage. Over The Air updates combined with Candela’s own infotainment system create a safer, more intuitive user experience.

Available in Daycruiser, Hardtop, T-Top, Center Console versions.