Dragonfly 32 is family performance cruiser, which can sail at 20+ knots, rarely heels more than 10 degrees, and can anchor in knee-deep water at your favourite beach.

On arrival at the marina, it folds quickly to fit a single marina berth.

It sounds too good to be true. Yet here it is.

Dragonfly trimarans have been built since 1967, and offer an award-winning range from 25 to 40ft.

The 6-berth Dragonfly 32 bridges the gap between the trailerable Dragonfly 28 and the new Dragonfly 40. With it’s taller rig The Dragonfly 32 Evolution is a more powerful version of the Dragonfly 32 Touring.

This Dragonfly 32 comes in a modern and dynamic design – setting new standards in both function and design. The perfect combination between family cruising and racing – also offshore. Explore your dreams!

Join us on berth M307 for the UK debut of this remarkable yacht, and ‘unfold your horizons’



Boat Length
9.75 m