Britain’s Great
Boating Festival14-23 September 2018

Grabner Mega

Exhibitor: Compact Water Craft
Price (GBP): £2295 including VAT
Price (Euros): €2500 including VAT
Boat type: Personal Water Craft
Length: 5m

Exhibiting On Stand / Berth Nos


New super-comfortable touring kayak; offering 1 or 2 adult-,  or 2 adult + 1 small child  application. Elongation-aspect  plus wide beam offer smooth run and unbeatable stability.

Comfortable seats, and infinite length- and inclination adjustable high aspect backrests, ensure that even weighty persons feel MEGA comfy and secure.

For relaxed kayaking on rivers, lakes and sea, to white-water class 2. Suitable for electric motor application.

For all those looking for a roomy boat, however not a Canadian canoe with spade paddle propulsion, but a comfortable double- blade paddle kayak.

For all, who do not really feel safe, or fear capsize.

For parents and grand-parents with a child, looking for a roomy kayak.

For seniors preferring an absolute comfortable good natured and safe boat to an extreme sporty kayak.

For the veterans of folding canoes unwilling to spend hours on end fiddling on with numerous parts during assembly, dismantling and shifting of them, but who do not want to forgot the benefits of a roomy and stable craft.

For weighty canoeists in need of ample width for comfortable seating, and of sufficient buoyancy.

For all those looking for alternatives to paddling in company or say for single hand canoeing.

For those not willing to stay at home when the weather is poor, but enjoy a trip protected by a spray-cover.

For active canoeists wishing to venture rivers that are busy with traffic, light grade white-water, lakes or coastal waters.

For all, who do not only want to paddle, but occasionally wish to cruise comfortably under motor.

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