A true fairy story, one about a boy, Lars-Göran, who, from his father’s rowboat, fished perch out of the lake they lived next to in the Småland region of Sweden. Although not exactly born to the sea, the desire to be afloat was strong. True to this, father and son built a kayak in a barn that had been home to hens. Their next home-built boat was a thoroughbred outboard racer.

Still not 20, the youngster grew interested in waterskiing. Naturally enough, he designed and built a plastic boat for the speeds he needed. This aroused the mixture of inquisitiveness, jealousy and admiration that swiftly had potential buyers knocking on the barn door.

As a result, one or two new boats were born each winter amongst the barn’s abandoned laying boxes. In 1966, Lars-Göran started his company. Production concentrated on fibreglass canoes. A few years later, there were two people in the company. By 1974, there were so many that the barn had become too small. With seven employees in new premises, the company latched on to the canoe boom at the end of the 1970’s. Soon, it was selling 2,000 Canadian (touring) canoes and a few “one-offs” every year.

It was at this time that the family name, Linder, really became an established brand. It was also now that attention started to be directed towards aluminium. To find a winning import, Lars-Göran made two trips to the USA. However, nothing was so good that he wished to put the Linder name on it. Thus, once again striking out on a solo course, the company developed its own aluminium canoes. They sold like hotcakes. Sales were almost 100% over budget in the first year, 1981. This further strengthened the Linder brand.

In 1983, Linder launched its first aluminium rowboat, the Fishing 410. This little classic was followed by Fishing 440, now Europe’s best seller. Because success breeds success, Linder took to the seas after a little over 40 years in business.

In 2004, the family that has become a brand launched Arkip 460. In 2008 the Sportsman 445. Similarly, the company is also into its second generation of Linders, Cecilia and Jessica.