Linder Arkip 460


Linder Arkip 460

A utility boat ideal for  cruising, skiing and fishing, with planing hull performance. Rated up to outboard motors of up to 50 hp, standard equipment includes a solid toe rail, easy-to-grip grab rails, aluminium floor plate, bathing ladder, automatic bilge pump, 150 cm rod box, side steering console, navigation lighting and ample passenger and stowage space. An environment friendlier choice of boat and made in high-quality corrosion-resistant aluminium corresponding to that used in aircraft. Securmark* security marked. It has been approved by DNV Maritime, the independent foundation that has been quality certifying pleasure boats, yachts and vessels worldwide since 1864. Security marked with micro dots (Securmark*).

Package Includes:
Yamaha F50HETL (Fuel Injected, Remote Control, Power Trim & Tilt, Electric Start)
Yamaha 703 Side Mount Control
Yamaha Tacho Harness & Hub
Yamaha Fuel Tank & Line
Rigging Materials & Labour, Steering System, Control Cables, Outboard Lock, Fuel Pre-Filter, Battery, Battery Isolator Switch & Cables
Galvanised Road Trailer (EXT750)

Optional Equipment:
Overall Cover
Console Cover

Length: 460 cm
Width: 185 cm
Weight: 286 kg
Freeboard height: 58 cm
Hull thickness: 2.4 mm
Hull angle: 12°
Interior height: 60 cm
Rec. motor: Max 50 hp (37kW)
Shaft length: Long
Max. load: 525 kg
Max. no. people: 5
Approved bow eye: Insurance class rating 3
CE marked for category C: For coastline and inshore waters