Linder Sportsman 355


Linder Sportsman 355

A planing boat for lakes and large or small rivers. For motors of up to 8 hp. Suitable for sheltered waters such as lakes and rivers. Easy to manoeuvre, even for a teenager. An environment friendlier choice of boat. Made in high-quality corrosion-resistant aluminium corresponding to that used in aircraft. The Sportsman 355 is supplied with aluminium oars.

Unsinkable Floats even when waterlogged and carrying 3 people. 3-year guarantee. Approved bow eye (insurance class 3). Security marked with micro dots (Securmark*).


Length: 355 cm
Width: 146 cm
Weight: 84 kg

Hull depth: 54 cm
Rec. motor: 6-8 hp (4.38-5.88 kW)

Shaft length: Short

Max. load: 320 kg
Max. no. people: 3

Hull thickness: 1.7 mm
CE marked for category D: Sheltered waters