The MRS Ponto is a straight forward no-nonsense solopackrafts without a spraydeck. They are still made by MRS out of extremely tough, yet lightweight, materials. This packraft is for those who are looking for a serious packraft but value simplicity and light weight. The lighter weight means you can carry it for longer over greater distances without discomfort (unlike carrying bulky inflatable kayaks or even bulkier and cumbersome hardshell sea kayaks!).

Despite being light weight, this MRS packraft is capable of carrying allot of gear, including your bike! It is especially useful to sling into your backpack and take wherever you go, then if you find a river you would like to travel down or a lake you would like to cross, it can be inflated within minutes using the supplied inflator bag, and you are on the water without a fuss.

Ponto is suitable for calm water and easy white water (class 1-2); it is not suitable for coastal expeditions.

MRS packrafts are made out of polyurethane coated nylon, which is a material that is UV-resistant, tear-resistant and long lasting. The packrafts have sewn and welded seams and are handmade which is better for the environment than PVC inflatables which are less durable, much heavier and require the use of harmful glues.

ISS (Internal Storage System)
The packraft can be bought with preinstalled ISS (internal storage system) and two large drybags. ISS is a TiZip zipper on the rear of the boat within which you can store small items inside the tubes of the packraft, such as spare coat, clothes, sleeting bag, boots or other such items you won’t need while on the water.

MRS uses TiZips Masterseal 10 which is pressure proof up to 500 mbar, is totally safe, completely waterproof and airtight. You will not lose air from having ISS.

ISS main advantages are:

You can store small items out of the way within the tubes of your packraft
The things you store within ISS will be safe and dry while underway.
Lower point of gravity makes for a more comfortable and better tracking.
More space to move around and with more comfort you will be able to travel greater distances.

The ISS is a great addition to your packraft and can be selected as an optional extra.

Tubes: UPN35 Nylon 210D/67T*55T 90 A Ester TPU double
Floor:UPN35 Nylon 420D/67T*55T 90 A Ester TPU double
Seat: Nylon 210D/118T laminated


Weight; 2.90kg

Outer length; 254.5cm

Outer Width; 92cm

Inner Length; 135.5cm

Inner Width; 34cm

Manufacturer Warranty; 3 years

Boat Price
£742.50 (10% discount applied - show offer)
Boat Length