Britain’s Great
Boating Festival14-23 September 2018

Saffier Se 33

Exhibitor: Saffier Yachts
Price: Prices from €106,950
Boat type: Sailing Boats - Cruising & Racing Yachts

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The Saffier Se 33 is designed as a seaworthy daysailer with extraordinary sailing potential in combination with a luxury feel of sailing. A powerfull rig, fast underwater hull in combination with a moderen T bulb keel, a fixed bowsprit for a code zero and vacuum building techniques make the Saffier Se 33 a light and fast daysailer while sailing in total comfort. The Saffier Se 33 is seaworthy, self-righting, has a self draining cockpit and can be used on any kind of water. Pure craftsmanship and love for sailing Is what sets the Saffier Se 33ft apart. 

The Saffier Se 33 can be sailed by the helmsmen alone.The mainsail, self tacking jib, code- zero or genaker and all sheet and halyards which run underdeck can be operated at the winch consols while staying behind the helm. All lines can be operated manually or with electrical winch. The cockpit, which gives room for 10 persons, is made so that the aft deck can be used as a sunbathing platform and the half open transom makes easy acces to the water. The port and starboard benches are 2 m long and offer lots of space while sailing or relaxing in harbour or at anchor.

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