Seakart which is exclusively distributed in the UK by Searific Marine Distribution is brand new to the UK market for 2020.

The Seakart 335 is a unique hybrid – combining speed and excitement of a jet ski with the safety and comfort of a RIB. This recreational craft is ideal for a family wanting a fun weekend small boat, or a yacht owner looking for a cross between an entertaining watercraft or a tender. It can give the thrill of a kart on the water or the calm relaxation of a family outing.
At 3.5m long and 2m wide with a choice of the superb two 4-stroke Yamaha jet engines being 110bhp and 180bhp with max speeds of 45mph and 65mph respectively the Seakart 335 gives a fun, fast thrill ride. The Seakart is also well suited for towsports and water skiing to add another level of fun!

Although the Seakart 335 is compact, it is designed to be both ergonomic and spacious. It comfortably seats 5 people, three are seated across the stern with two slightly forward of midships.

The Seakart is also designed to be incredibly easy to operate – it gives you power and control. Anyone unfamiliar to boating will readily feel at home behind the wheel of this powerful hybrid craft and with a dry weight of 430kg it is easily towable behind most vehicles to store at home.

This exclusive craft really turns heads as it has the WOW factor!

Exhibitor Name
Boat Price
£39,999 boat only, or £41,713 on-the-water to include trailer, lock, ratchet straps and cover
Boat Length